Finch's Flash In The Night

CH USA Finch's Walking After Midnite

CH USA Finch's Flash He Walks On Water

Finch's Born Sweet Scottie

Finch's Ambrosa Mystery

Finch's Baby Likes To Rockit

CH Finch's Wee Heart Andy Gibb

Finch's Flash Back

Finch's Flash Point To Excite

CH USA Finch's Wlkaway Joe

CH BIS BISS Finch's He Walks On Water ROMS

Finch's Black Fad Fashion ROM

Finch's Flash Back

Chesai Touch of Magic

Finch's Putton The Paisley

Jan-Shars Sweet Tart

CH USA Jan-Shars N Sync

Tookeyes The Gold Smith

Tookeyes Welsh Gold

ToyBox Vanilla Ice At Tookeyes

Jan-Shars Minnie Pearl

Champion Traditions Legend Of Oakridge

Jan-Shars Ashley

Britestar`s Crm Miracle

Sungold Wht Kinght N Camelot

Nobob's Winter Wizard

Sungold Cleo

Heartland`s tan-Ya-Hide B T

CH Heartland's In The Nicka Time

Heartland's Midnight Dancer