CH Almi Urnis Shaquille O'neal

Finch's Flash In The Night

CH USA Finch's Walking After Midnite

CH USA Finch's Flash He Walks On Water

Finch's Baby Likes To Rockit


Finch's Flash Point To Excite

CH USA Finch's Wlkaway Joe

Finch's Flash Back

Jan-Shars Sweet Tart

CH USA Jan-Shars N Sync

Tookeyes The Gold Smith

Jan-Shars Minnie Pearl

Britestar`s Crm Miracle

Sungold Wht Kinght N Camelot

Heartland`s tan-Ya-Hide B T

CH Babydoll`s Bad Ass

CH Peppipoms Classically Yours


CH Chriscendo Classico

CH Chriscendo Centre Stage

USA CH Chriscendo Classica

Windmist Whatyagonnado

CH Chriscendo Coastwind

Windmist Private Collection

Babydoll`s Body Double

CH Chriscendo Call To Arms

CH Foxworth Frontier Spirit

CH Chriscendo Call Girl

Babydoll`s B`fore Play

CH Crystalton Pomkees Beauchoisy

Barita`s Bubbleyum